The Importance of Catering To Event Planning

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Your event is an important occasion and if you are sponsoring the event, then you probably already know that delicious good looking food is always a crowd pleasing plus. Unfortunately, many in the catering business treat an event as just another event. Think about it – for the event sponsor, the event is a very special occasion, so it is vital that the catering be over the top in service, food and presentation. It takes careful planning, and the event must reflect the objectives given by the host in a magnificent way.

Of course, your food must be completely stunning in such a way that it not only looks good, but it tastes good too. If you are sloppy on either of these items, you will not be a hit at all. It is very important that the food be served on time and at the right temperature, or things will not go over well. Your timing here is the important thing, as you will be preparing different courses of food to be served at different times. You must serve the food with flair, and create a sense of anticipation among the guests. Of course your attitude and that of your servers has everything to do with that.

Planning down to the smallest detail is what will enable you to pull this off, as you will be in charge of everything food, and it will succeed based upon your expertise in the matter. You will need to master the art of the table. How the table is presented is the prelude, or the foreplay to the meal. Arrange every place setting like it was the last there is. Add a garnish, such as a chocolate wrapped in an elegant foil, perhaps an opera candy full of nougat and cherry.

An event should have a theme. If it doesn’t, give it one. Then make the meal presentation the heart of the theme. If the theme is Baroque, then dive right in and come up with an elegance that speaks of this 17th century period. Your presentation will be one of drama and intrigue which will leave the guests excited that they got to participate.

Participation is the key, because when guests feel that they are included in the festivities, they loosen up and have a good time. If the food is good, which of course it will be stunning, and the guests are happy, you have a successful catering event on your hands.
Just be prepared, for things do go wrong. Reduce everything you can think of to writing and have alternative plans for everything. Assume that everything will fail and have backups for each contingency that you can think of.

Don’t forget that no team will rise above the level at which they have rehearsed, over and over. You have to look at the special event as a production, and unless you rehearse until you drop, you will not have the level of astonishment that you desire. Out of the rehearsals will come a format, and out of the format will come a system, and you will rely on your system to help to put it all together.

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