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What is a Paleo Diet

Actually the work “paleo” denotes a move back to foods that we used to eat that are more wholesome than the many processed and sugary foods that are so abundant nowadays. It is not just a diet that focuses on losing weight, but more on eating foods that don’t come out of food factories to sell to the masses, but from more organic and original sources. Here we are talking about more natural foods such as grass fed meats, unprocessed foods, foods that are nutrient rich, and foods that are nourishing. Even though it seems strange that we should be seeking nourishing foods, we need to realize that many of our foods are not all that nourishing today, and some are downright dangerous. The goal is to avoid foods that may harm us, cause inflammation, cause distress in our stomachs and digestive systems, and cause our natural metabolic processes to go haywire.
We are going to be focusing on natural meats, vegetables and dairy products, as well as a moderate use of seeds, nuts and fruits in moderation. The foods that we are going to abstain from and avoid will be anything that could cause inflammation and distress to our system, such as grains that contain gluten, sugar, and foods that are “made up” in laboratories.

Another term that is used for the Paleo style of eating is called a system of ancestral nutrition, as in eating like our ancestors used to eat, before refined and processed food make it to the center stage. The Paleo way of eating has proven that if followed stringently, this style of eating does prove to be very beneficial in a person’s overall state of health in many ways. People who follow the paleo method of nutrition find themselves in better health and the risks of many diseases and health problems that many suffered from in the past, simply disappear.
One misconception that we need to get out of our heads very quickly is that a “Paleo Diet” is strictly a diet for losing weight, when in reality it is much more than that. This way of eating actually emphasizes good quality food, as opposed to “filler food” or food that lacks the substance that good, nutritious food has. For example, pasta is a good “filler food” in that it is not bad for you, and it fills you up when you eat it. However, a little pasta can go a long way to filling you up, and you will really have to get more in the way of protein to really get what your body needs from day to day.

High quality proteins, such as chicken, and fresh raw vegetables are very good too, as well as good portions of fruits. The grass fed beef, and natural eggs and other natural foods go a long way in the creation of a natural, balance diet. Following the Paleo style of diet, you will find that you will have more energy and stamina than you ever did before.

Before you know it, you will be much better off because you will start feeling much better, and you will have a sense of well-being and you will begin to grow stronger in different areas as well as appearing greater due to a better state of overall health and mental ability. Follow the directions carefully and feel free in the conversations that you have with other members of your group, without spilling the beams about your own specifics.

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